Parker Rowland

Hello! I am a professional computer scientist. Things I take an active interest in are theoretical computer science, DevOps, automation programming, and music. Please take a look at my about page.




    From computing to composing

    I have several different skills and hobbies, most of which revolve around computer science and/or music. I am just as happy behind a computer as I am behind a synthesizer.

    Link to my resume.

    • Theory of Computation

      I enjoy learning about TOC topics and exploring potential connections between theoretical computer science and other disciplines. My particular area of interest is Turing machines and their use in music analysis.

    • Programming

      I've worked on a wide variety of coding projects for work, school, and as hobbies. I've written software applications for data analysis, data visualization, research projects, IT scripting, and even a few unusual things like a game for the Game Boy Advance.

    • Music

      I have a super deep passion for music. I write and play music for fun, and progressive rock is usually what's playing through my speakers.

    • Languages

      I enjoy Python, C, Mongo, PostGreSQL, and PowerShell the most. I also have experience with C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Mongo, and Tikz/LaTex. For an example of a scientific application I helped write in JavaFX, here is a link to the repository.

    • Cloud Computing

      I've had experience deploying apps to AWS, Google Cloud, and Heroku. IAAS and PAAS providers make handling cloud resources relatively straight forward.

  • Image

    Screenshot of python code that plots a Deterministic Finite Automata of the character sequences in the set of the original 151 Pokemon names (GitHub link here).


    Resulting diagram of the Pokemon names DFA.


    A JavaFX program I helped write that visualizes mice movements from a research experiment(GitHub link here).


    A Star Trek themed weather SlackBot I created for my IT Infrastructure in the Cloud class (GitHub link here).